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it's update time

my weekend in review
-i had a party on friday since my parents went out of town again i got completely stupid drunk ran into a wall which i barely remember which ended up breaking my toe and then i fell down a muddy ass hill not once but twice i'm leaving out a lot of shit but that was the major stuff
-on saturday i didn't move except to go into work to tell them that i broke my toe then i went to this girl taylor's house that night it was pretty cool except for the fact that i was dead ass tired i called it an early night at like 2
-on sun. i didn't go to work again and spent some time cleaning up my house which wasn't too much fun then i start sneezing and sniffing my ass off all the while making my nose raw w/ my excessive blowing
-mon. i got to chill and do nothing since i had no classes
-now we are at tues. i had a test in french which i think i did ok on but it was kinda retarded so now i'm sitting here still sniffing and sneezing w/ a killer headache and a 1000-1200 word paper due at 8 in the morning tomorrow which i have yet to start on
-i think i'm gonna call it a night
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