will i ever have it all (lovexhatexme) wrote,
will i ever have it all

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concrete and water

-today i'm making a little trip down to richmond but i won't be able to see any of my friends i miss ya'll down there but i promise i will come for a weekend and hit all of you up
-i can finally read my friend's page on here i don't know what happened but i'm excited now i can't lose anymore friends b/c i'm not commenting so that shall start again and soon
-blah i'm wide awake and i have a class in an hour which i suppose is a good thing and we have quiz not fun but i studied so i should do well
-i get to see dashboard confessional,brank new, vendetta red and mxpx on sunday i'm so fucking excited i've been looking forward to this show for like 2 months and now it's finally here
-well i'm gonna go take a shower and get ready
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