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kiss the game goodbye

-i was supposed to be at work at 11 this morning but when i woke up i realized that i couldn't walk without limping all through the night every time i turned over or even just moved a little an excruciating pain would spread from my hip up my back i almost started crying it hurt so badly i don't know what is wrong but i'm making a dr.'s appt. first thing for mon. and i'm gonna try and stick it out at work tomorrow i felt bad calling in considering i'm still in training but can you imagine how much pain i would have been in walking around at a fast pace for like 4 hours that would have been a little much but i'm definitely gonna suck it up so i can start making some real money soon
-on the other hand it was cool because i got to chill around the house with my parents all day and i haven't done that in a while so it was nice we sat on the bed and watched track & field for about 4 hours
-the part that really sucks my ass is that i can't go out tonight because my parents would flip and be like if you can't go to work then your ass needs to stay home tonight which i can totally understand but it still doesn't make me happy oh well that's enough for right now
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